Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

summer series: Third Quiz

That poor typewriter really needs a cleaning... Do you know who is that dirty? Leave a comment!
Diese arme Schreibmaschine muss wirklich geputzt werden. Weisst du wer so verdreckt ist? Schreib' einen Kommentar!


shordzi hat gesagt…

Underwood Four?

notagain hat gesagt…

That's a Corona 4 isn't it?

Richard P hat gesagt…

Is it a Corona Four?

Adwoa hat gesagt…

Oh no, I'm late today! I'm sure someone has already left the correct answer; I was getting used to being first :)

No matter, I know this is the Corona Four.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

notagain, Richard and Adwoa, you got it right.
shordzi, you chose the right model name, but the wrong manufacturer. And you got me searching the web for an Underwood Four. :)

Next question appears tomorrow, around 7AM (swiss local time), as always.