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The Collection: Underwood Four-Bank Standard Typewirter

The Collection: Underwood Four-Bank Standard Typewriter In the series "The Collection". W6 Present the newest . . ‘ ' ' . . n this machines in the herd of maschinengeschrieben tlrb a issue, it's the Underwood Standard Four Bank Key oar . ° ' A I le tr e- In 1919, Underwood presented its first portabt d %p writer the Underwood Three-Bana. It was inven e y H S ,B rridae and should comP€t€ with the Standard Lee ' u’ e ’ C n 2 It was quite a success. vodlina Typewriter. the °T°»a ~- - . .¢n ’ , t Verv wandv machine. In its time. Th°ho 2 S 8. Cu. 39 ‘U :‘E kg.tV.'jew]1iteY‘S Since theyire people preferred Four- an .it% C - g 4 Fame into handier for %£§t1nS- In 1924* t“e '°r° a ' b.QtiCated the market. * ’Underwood 3, which was more s0P~1v d n 7 orddenly was old. In 1935. Underwee uOI‘OI’l8. )9 U4 -" 1. 9h. 0 C) 9 k th Underwood Four/Standard, Jeiu lno ,- S Dresented Te ’‘ + 0 m tpe hanavneos 0? its little with case’ 1tbW%S'tarlJgO3e tuied newl;eatur>s predecessor u l a-s i,au-'. 1 - I r ‘ J ' .. The Unaepwoed Pour became a success, and over l.2 mlll- ion were made between 1926 and l947, when lit was finally replaced by newer models. Nith that huge number 0 machines made, the Underwood four is one of the all-time best—rellers, together with the Corona 3. This particular machine, 456727, was made in 1929 in Qridgeport, Connectitut.'It was initially sold by L. Huber, Tel 1040, "Safran". Safran is not a place in Switzerland, but as Georg pointed out, it is a house of a guild in Basel. I got this machine a few kilometers outside of Basel, and it's very supposable that this machine stayed close to its point of sale in the old town of Basle. The Underwood Four features a manual ribbon reverse, color selection, a backspacer and manual margin release, which works on both sides. The spacing is set with the same lever as on the 50s- Underwood Finger-Flite. I am rather surprised by the little paper fingers, the same function as on Underwood 3s and early Corona As, since there's also a paper bail lever. I have no idea why they chose to use both approaches. The touch of the Underwood Four is nice, snappy, maybe a tit unusual in the beginning. It reminds me of the Continental 340, but is different. I especially like the numbers of this machine, they're some sort of filigrane: 1234567890. § I recommend getting one of the l.2 million of these machines. maschinengeschriaben.blogspot.c0m (‘ Underwood Four-Bank 455727 1927 This post was brought to you by The Typosphere

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Ton S. hat gesagt…

A very handsome typewriter, this Underwood 4 Bank Standard. I especially like the white glass keys contrasted with the black body.

Bill M hat gesagt…

You have a very nice 4B. It looks new. I have one a bit older and the keys are not nearly as white and clear and the chrome is dull. You are also lucky to have one with the leather handle still intact. Many had the handles tear off from dry rot, or just plain not taking care to keep them oiled.
Nice post.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments. Indeed, my 4B aged well. I am especially happy about the really clean, white keys. I've some typewriters which have some white and some yellowed keys, making them look like they've had caries...

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