Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

The Lost Picture.

Digital Photography is great. It makes it possible to publish photos onthe web, share them with others, lets us take much more photos than in analog ages and makes experimenting cheap. Digital photography definitely revolutionised the way we take photos. Digital photography also started an incredible flood of pictures: Per minute, over 6600 pictures are uploaded to flickr. Myself, I've taken about 800 pictures since the beginning of this year (March 12). In this "photostream", we sometimes loose the overview. On January 7, I activated the Stroboscope app on my phone and set the camera to a long exposure time. Then I typed. Many photos were crap, but I didn't know there was one really cool shot. The white balance was good, and the typebar was captured by the flashes four times, showing the action of hittimg the platen. I didn't look through the dozens of pictures after the shooting,so this image got completely lost. Only thanks to random browsing through my images I could unearth it. And here I proudly present you the lost- and-found-picture. maschinengeschrieben. blogspot. Remington Portable com This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere


MEK hat gesagt…

Great photo! I'm very glad it wasn't lost permanently.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

This is great!

teeritz hat gesagt…

Great photo! Nicely lit, too. And those 'claws' make the typewriter look very sinister indeed.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

Great photo! The exposure is very nice for a phone.

My photography skills ramped up after I transitioned from film to the first generation Canon Digital Rebel. I'm looking forward to seeing what a second or third generation Lytros camera can do.

Bill M hat gesagt…


maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments!
Dwayne, you misunderstood me, I used the phone only for stroboscoping. The photo itself was taken using my digital camera.

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