Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

The Collection: Adler Tippa

The Collection: Adler Tippa In the series "The Collection", we present the newest additions to the collection of maschinen— geschrieben. This Friday, it's a 1960s Adler Tippa. Two-Tone Typer In 1950, Gossen introduced their Tippa typewriter as "Office in a briefcase". It was a lightweight, small portable. The machine was a success, and in 1956, the much bigger Adler company bought the Tippa license from Gossen. Adler continued - the popular machine, and in 1960, it was re- introduced with a new design, plastic hull, modern Keys and two-tone colour design. The appealing design won several design prizes, and the machine sold well. Not a big surprise: The post-war portable has an excellent typing feel. It is snappy, light, fast. The keys are executed in a convenient triangle shape with rounded croners corners, the shift is light and the carriage return werks well. The problem is the loud typing noise, the keys transmit much force onto the typebar,.resulting in a sharp, loud impact. Even though there's a metal part supposed to slow the typebars down before hitting the type- bar guide, the typing noise is very loud. Not suited for nighttime typing. On the other hand, even though the plastic top cover of my Tippa has become loose on one end, there's no rattling from this. Overall, the 2nd generation Tippa is a nice and stylish typewriter. Totally recommended getting one! ‘ n"*%&()_=/*9 123h56789é‘A QWERTZUIOP§ qwertzuiopfi ASDFGHJKL+: asdfghjkloa YXcvBNM?V' yxcvbnm,.- 1961 Adler Tippa U2h3895 This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere


Bill M hat gesagt…

Very nice looking typewriter and I love that typeface.

DonN hat gesagt…

I like the Tippa, but it is so noisy!

Scott K hat gesagt…

You have quite the Tippa collection, don't you! I have to ask... do you have any of the more modern Tippa typers? I'd be curious to hear what the comparison between your older, more gentrified versions are like, compared to a newer - more mass producible versions.

Cameron hat gesagt…

Your Adler Tippa, a few years younger than my Gossen Tippa, has a similar Imperial typeface. However, yours is a bit broader and spread-out than mine. Great typeface in all its various forms!

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