Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Quietening a Noiseless

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere


Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

If you remove the top cover, you may find that the small rubber washers are missing. These isolate the top cover from some of the vibrations. On my models, they are all perished. I'm on the look out for small rubber O-rings, though a carefully crafted piece of butyl inner-tube from a bicycle wheel might also do the trick.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Felt works wonders for sound deadening. Many of my old typewriters have felt or felt-like material in them and it quiets them quite a bit compared to the Japanese and other modern machines where the manufacturers were too cheap to add it to their machines. I like the rubber shelf mat to keep machines from sliding. It deadens the sound somewhat. I also have a piece of thick felt that is 20mm thick I use for a typewriter pad. It makes typing much quieter. I need to make a pad using the rubber pad as a covering for the felt one to make the felt pad grip. The rubber one is shown here:

notagain hat gesagt…

Interesting project! I would have thought it would be nearly as quiet as the big thrust-action desktop. I hope I get to see it when I am in your area later this month.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

To muffle noise, I use a rubber drying mat over a cushioned wood lap desk. Works well for me.

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