Samstag, 23. März 2013

X. Zurich Typehunt

X. Zurich Typehunt - 22. März 2013

The lonely Hermes Baby: Still there, but degrading in condition.
While the Royal 10 is gone, its younger brother is still there - accompanied by a sailboat.
A Grammophone!
And a Calanda "Luxe" - new here. I'm tempted, but 40.- is a bit on the expensive side.
Also new - the Underwood Standard Typewriter. I never knew they had that written on them! 125.- is far too expensive for this condition, though.
The Lettera is now guarded by a terrifying skeleton with eyes glowing in radioactive green.
The Horde, now accompanied by Picasso's Guernica.
Five Electronics and three computer monitors.


Robert Messenger hat gesagt…

Someone once spent almost $1400 on just such a Calanda on Australia eBay. I'm almost tempted to ask you to buy it for me!

notagain hat gesagt…

Wow, quite a successful outing. Can't wait to see if you and Robert work a deal.

Scott K hat gesagt…

Maybe I should ask you to post that Swissa to AU..

Adwoa hat gesagt…

I have never seen a Calanda in the wild myself, so that is an excellent find! I hope Robert adopts it - those can't be too easy to come across outside Switzerland.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Another comment on the Calanda: though uninspiring in its looks, it is uncommon, especially anywhere outside Switzerland. I am also intrigued by its side profile, which shows that its design is not completely conventional.

Bill M hat gesagt…

All those typewriters and even a sewing machine for Adwoa and I'd take the Grammophone home. It's look good beside of one my Edison's.

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