Montag, 5. November 2012

My Typewriter Wishlist.

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere


Ken Coghlan III hat gesagt…

A nice list! One you may get through within the next year...except for the Sphinx. I think Richard will outbid you on that one.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

Great list! You are on the right continent for three of those. Script isn't that hard to find in the U.S., but I have no hope of landing an Optima P1. The Sphinx...well, I suppose everyone should have an least one unattainable fantasy!

teeritz hat gesagt…

Nice list. I just bought a S-C Silent Super off eBay. That just leaves maybe a Triumph Gabriele or Perfekt and then (hopefully) my collection will be complete. Yes, I don't believe it either.

Richard P hat gesagt…

If you find a Sphinx and I find an Underwood 3-Bank, I'm willing to trade, OK?

Scott K hat gesagt…

Quite a list of super-stars there! I could happily own a few of those too.... But, as it stands - I have freakishly found my top 5.... I guess my standards were low.

Continental 300 hey....? Hmmm.

Unknown hat gesagt…

I've got a Hermes Rocket that's orange and types in script

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