Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Video: Typewriter Repairwoman

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere


Bill M hat gesagt…

oooooo,I would never let her work on one of my typewriters! First thing she did was point out dirt and the oiled the segment! Maybe if the price is right I'd buy a machine from her and then take it home and give it a proper cleaning.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Good video!

Here is her website:

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

Brady of Brady & Kowalski! I say, "Good luck" to anyone who can sell ribbons at $20 and $375 for a late plastic bodies Consul. I doubt she drives a Mercedes or lives in any kind of luxury on the proceeds of typewriter sales, but it is great to someone having a try.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments. Bill, indeed, I hope that spilling oil all over the segment isn't her usual routine.
Richard, thanks for pointing out the website!
Rob, you are right - 20$ for a ribbon is almost incredible!

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