Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

VI. Zurich Typehunt.

VI. Zurich Typehunt - 20. Dezember 2012


Inside Berta6 - no typewriters. Click to enlarge any of the images.

Citroën-Garage: The Horde: IBM, Hermes 3000.3, Adler, brother, Lettera and PATRIA. Antonio told me that the Hermes 3000.2 had been sold - I don't know if it was sold for the stellar asking price of Fr. 125, though.

A Royal meeting in Brocki-Welt at Citroën-Garage: A double-glass Royal 10 (Fr. 60), as well as the "old" Royal standard, marked down from Fr. 45 to Fr. 30. 

The Hermes Baby that didn't appear the last weeks returned - with a new ribbon and on a nice desk.

View from Hardbrücke, Prime Tower on the left, Salvation army in center and the train station on the right.

Two old companions - the Olivetti lettera 38C and the brother electric, joined by a new black wedge - an Olivetti  ET compact 60.

When I was about to leave Salvation army, I spotted this suspicious case next to my feet.

It contained - a plastic Olympia! The machine typed reasonably well and included a new ribbon - I don't think this will stay at Salvation army for long!

Inside Salvation army.

Under Hardbrücke.

6 Kommentare:

Richard P hat gesagt…

Great panoramic photos, how did you take them?

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

I have my sights on one of those plastic Olympias you found... it's an intermediate model between the portable Traveller and the desktop SG3, or so I'm told.

Very nice photos... I'm very intrigued by that white little van inside the Citröen garage; after all, I'm not only a typebarhead, but also a petrolhead of sorts. Would it be a Citröen van?

notagain hat gesagt…

Those Olympia B12's are pretty nice. I gave mine away. Excellent typehunt, and nice presentation.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Nice hunt. It must be nice to find typewriters out in the stores.
Is that an Olympia B12? I had one and it is ok for a Japanese machine. NO where near the quality of the German Olympia machines. I do not know; were any of the plastic Olympia typewriters ever made in Germany?

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments.
Richard, I took a couple of photos with some overlay and stitched them with Microsoft ICE.
Miguel, I think it's a Peugeot J9, but I'll double-check on my next typehunt. The B12 types quite well.
Peter, Thanks!
Bill, I don't know - I think the travellers were made in the far east, and I don't know about this B12.

Selina hat gesagt…

i very much like the picture 'under hardbrücke' :)

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