Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Abgetippt: Auferstanden aus Ruinen

typed on Optima Elite
Translation: After the break.

Risen from ruins
and facing the future,
let us serve you for the good,
Germany, united fatherland.
There are old woes to overcome
and united we are overcoming them
because we must succeed,
so that the sun more beautiful than ever
over Germany shines,
over Germany shines.

May happiness and peace be granted
to Germany, our fatherland.
All the world longs for peace,
reach your hand out to the peoples.
If we unite in brotherhood,
we shall defeat the people's enemy.
Let the light of peace shine
so that no mother should ever more
mourn her son,
mourn her son.

Let us plough, let us build,
learn and create like never before,
and, confident in our own strength,
let a free generation rise up.
German youth, with the best efforts
of our people united in you,
you will become Germany's new life.
And the sun more beautiful than ever,
over Germany shines,
over Germany shines.

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Richard P hat gesagt…

I had never seen this before. Pretty good poetry. I am a little disturbed by "einig Vaterland" and "Volkes Feind." Who was the new Feind? -- the capitalists, I suppose. Were they going to be smashed when Germany was reunified? What exactly did the author(s) have in mind?

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

The "einig Vaterland" was really special. In the 1970's, when a reunion was not wanted anymore, the anthem was not sung anymore, but just played instrumentally.
The author, Johannes Becher, wanted to compose a "Friedenshymmne" (peace anthem) which can also be sung by west germans.

Interesting links in german:,1518,422419,00.html

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