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Typewriters and the Car-Shop.

Typewriters and the Car-Shop.
By Alfred R. Wepf - Short translation by
Regenerate platens with brake fluid.
Slip-stop mats, designed for car trunks, are useful for stopping machines from drifting around on the table, as well as preventing them from scratching the shelves. Also, put some slip-stop under the felt mats!
Platens which are filthy, but not checkered from the impacts of the types are best cleaned with Vodka or Alcohol - never with benzine!
You can use bezine, though, to clean sticky segments. Often, machines found in thrift stores or on flea markets had their segment oiled - good idea, but you never oil the segment!
Protecting machines from dust but still keeping them visible works with transparent folders, cut open.
You may still find ribbons for calculators in 6m/10m length and black/red.
There are ribbon weavers where you may buy ribbons in any width. Soaking these with ink for metal stamps, you produce your own ribbons in any width - useful for old machines with odd ribbon measurements.

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IKEA Catalogue: Another Typewriter!

Earlier this year, I spotted a Remington 3 in the IKEA catalogue. Now, I've found another one: A Royal Standard is hiding in there, too!