Montag, 30. April 2012

spring quiz: first quiz

The first quiz is here! Which typewriter has this nice design? Leave your comment.

Samstag, 28. April 2012

spring quiz: prologue

Do you know what typewriter is pictured here?
If yes, leave a comment with your answer.
If no, you'd still have the weekend to train:
On Monday, at 7:00 AM, a new typewriter quiz starts!

Freitag, 27. April 2012

The Collection: Optima Elite

*The color of the Optima Elite is a fresh green - it doesn't show up well in the photos.

The collection: Optima Elite in the series "The Collection", we present the type- writers on the selves of masdinengeschrtben. Ihis Eriday‘s machine is a green optima nlite i saved from the trash bin. At the meeting of the SWiS€ typewriter collector's club, there were “serious” collectors, men well advanced in years, many of them former typewriter repairmen or in some other relation to those machinery, with malling—nansen in their collection and the younges' pieces older than my oldest machine. slack machines, from the years before l92u. one of these rare writing irons can easily cost more thn the entire collection of a typospherian. From time to time,thdgh, they get machines - or are asked if they want them - thm;they don't even consider wort collecting. ihis Optima Elite, in fresh green and the round, later design was one of them. Apart from a dent on the left side of the top cover and some around the carriage, it was in pristine condition, the type- bars are clean, there is no smell... It even came with its original (germab manual. And it is surprisin- gly quiet. The only problem was the spacebar, where one screw was missing, so it wasn't fixed on the left side. I corrected that with a drop of hdt glue. ' After world war II, Olympia engineers fled from the soviet-occupied part of eastern germany, where the Olympia typewriters were being made until then. They brought their know-how to western Germany and after a few stages in between, production of typewritrs started again, in Wilhalmshaven. Meanwhile, in the soviet zone, the original factory had started po pnfl- uce typewriters, too, and a few years later, there was the court decision that the western Olympia could keep their name and the original factory in the east has to change it. They renamed it Optima, after a font. Still, the Olympia SM—2, 3 and 4 and the Optima.Elite have shared ancestors. Numerous designs remained un- changed, not only in my earlier Optima Elite, but also in this later one. In terms of typing action, there is a cenin change, though. This machine is not as snappy as an Olympia SM—3, but is stillquite snappy} Therd is a certain tehdency 0£.th3rtypebars to stiqk toegther_thoRuh. but I'm not sure if this is a technical problem of , this machine, or if I just needed tp get used to th- ese keys more. ’ - ‘ Optima Elite. ' 1054087 This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

User Interface

User Interface I've been blogging for 4 years now. In this time, I changed my Blogger user interface once. At first, I thought it wasn't a change to the better, out then, I was very satisfied with the current "old" design. The photo uploading funcitonality made a great leap forward. The only drawback I know at the moment is the missing possibility to enter font sizes in percent. Now, Blogger is about to intnoduce an entierly new user interface. I think they first offered me to switch last autunm. I tried it, but didn't like the thing. I only switched to the now-old layout back then! Now, the free blog-hoster from Google wants to force me to switch. The longer the more, I see boxes pop up everywhere, telling me to change my interface. I think I won't do it until there's no other way anymore. Every time Pacebook or other major sites roll out a new layout, there's an outcry of the internet community. In early 2009, when the Internet Explorer 6 was about 8 years old, about every fifth internet user still used the zombie-browser. Version 7 had bee n available for about 3 years at that time. I have no idea why people often hesitate to update. But typewriters never needed updates, and their functi- onality remained the same for decades. Were they a perfect design? Remington Deluxe Noiseless. This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Video: Rhythmic Typewriting, 1923

Footage from a "Rhythmic Typewriting" course at a secretary's school in the Netherlands, 1923. Notice the letter-less keytops on their Continentals. I am a bit disappointed, though, that they didn't return their carriages all at once.
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Montag, 23. April 2012

la dolce vita

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Freitag, 20. April 2012

Ink prices.

nk prices than I started collecting typewriters, I oougnt new Pelikan riooons for two or tnree typewriters 1'0 got tnat dian't nave a working ribbon. L ended up paying more for tne riooon tnan for tne typewriter, since I bougnt them in tne local papetery. Ihen typewriters still olacked in every orfice, riobons were cneaper, tney coated a fraction of tne price one paid for tne typewriter. This cnanged, but only since tne aemana in typewriters nas become very little. on the otner siue, printers today cost much less tnan a typewriter. Sure, a printer doesn't nave tne same functionality as a typewriter, out 1 tnink tney‘re oasically comparable. A typewriter, let's take tne Hermes 5000 as an example, woula cost over 2000 Fr. today, printers are sole for less tnan 100 lrancs. The thing tnat maxes printer manufacturers a good investment is ink, they sell ink cartriages ror prices tnat maxe ouying a new printer almost cneaper. And some have ridiculous restrictions: Some printers neea rull cartrioges or all colours, if you print clack-ana-wnite, it won't worx witnouth cyan anc magenta ana maybe some special otuer inxs. or if your printer also offers scanner and fax runctionalities, it won't work until you get it new ink. In a proprie- tary ink cartriuge tnat only one manuracturer.nas, of That's now you inc ease sales and maze scrap bigger. I think tne typewriter's system is fairer. corona Four witn one of tnese oily Pelixan rioans anu Slightly mia- alignea riooon vio- rator - Any tips? This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Exporting A Typewriter

Beispiel für einen Frachtbrief der Schweizer Post. Alle ausgefüllten Felder werden benötigt, andere sind nicht notwendig oder werden von der Poststelle ausgefüllt. Der Kleber der gewählten und angekreuzten Versandart (Urgent, Priority, Economy) muss in der Nähe der Adressetikette auf das Paket aufgeklebt werden. 
Alle hier verwendeten Angaben sind fiktiv. All dates used are fictive.
This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere. Frachtbrief Schweiz Swiss Post international Swisspost international frachtbrief ausfüllen anleitung frachtbrief

Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Typewriter Cases: The Smart, The Average And The Stupid

Smart: Hermes Baby. Light, durable, small and easy to put on/off.
Average: Engadine 44 (and many others). Quite light and small, possible to write with typewriter in case if required.
Stupid: Olivetti Lettera 32 (and some other Olivettis). Made from cheap cardboard, unhandy, stupid need to take the typewriter out of the case for writing.

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Video: 26 typewriters

I'm unsure whether this is an overview about a collection
or just a typewriter design exhibit, but the video is great.

Montag, 16. April 2012

Quails just love typewriters

Typewriter: Royal Companion, 1941
Quail: Coturnix japonica, 2011
Quails just love typewriterse
Neither typewriter nor quail were harmed during the making of these photos.

Samstag, 14. April 2012

Daily Memorandum

Public domain picture.

 click to enlarge. source.
HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE WASHINGTON D.C. DAILY MEMORANDUM No. 1013. April 15, 1912. NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN OBSTRUCTONS OF THE AMERICAN COAST. Mar. 28 – Lat 24° 20', lon 80° 02', passed a broken spar projecting about 3 feet out of water, apparently attached to sunken wrockage.--EVELYN (SS) Wright. OBSTRUCTIONS ALONG THE OVER-SEA ROUTES. Apr 7 - Lat 35° 20', lon 59° 40', saw a lowermast covered with marine growth.--ADRIATICO (It. ss), Cevascu. ICE REPORTS. Apr 7 - Lat 45° 10', lon 56° 40', ran into a strip of field ice about 3 or 4 miles wide extending north and south as far as could be seen. Some very heavy pans were seen.--ROSALIND (Br ss), Williams. Apr 10 - Lat 41° 50', lon 50° 25', passed a large ice field a few hundred feet wide and 15 miles long extending in a NNE direction.--EXCELSIOR (Ger ss). (New York Herald) COLLISION WITH ICEBERG - Apr 14 - Lat 41° 46', lon 50° 14', the British steamer TITANIC collided with an iceberg seriously damaging her bow; extent not definitely known. Apr 14 - The German steamer AMERIKA reported by radio telegraph passing two large icebergs in lat 41° 27'. lon 50° 08',--TITANIC (Br ss). Apr 14 - Lat 42° 06', lon 49° 43', encountered extensive field ice and saw seven icebergs of considerable size.--PISA (Ger ss). J. J. K N A P P Captain, U. S. Navy/Hydrographer.

Freitag, 13. April 2012

space typewriter

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Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Video: Basic Typing - 1944 Navy Training Film

There's a nice display of then-vintage and then-modern machines. (mins 0.40-4.30)
The rest is more or less a typing instruction.
The second part can be found here.

Montag, 9. April 2012


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Samstag, 7. April 2012

Freitag, 6. April 2012

Does Copyright still have a right to exist?

Does Copyright still have a right to exist? For many decades in human history, there was nothing like copyright. In medieval ages, for example, anyone could copy a book by hand, its content was not pro- tected. Then, Gutenberg invented printing. Ideas, texts could be mass-produced and a few hundred years later, there were authors and many people could read. In the 18th century, an author wrote a book and a publisher printed it. The author was paid a royalty. Then, other printers made priated copies or these books, and since they didn't have to pay the author, had lower expenses and could their books cheaper. The idea oi copyright came in. The author got the rights in his text, copying that without permission was forbidden. A good idea, at least from the point of the author 500 years ago. But in the last 20 years, a new technology developed, making the dream of universal access to knowledge, education and culture real: The Internet. Besides so many other things, the Internet changed how we deal with information. Uther than in the days, when copyright was inveted, everyone is a publisher now, writes, remixes and reuses new and old information. Copyright is outdated. The Internet changed the whole game. Copyright law didn't change. Nowadays, there's copyright trolling and many people don't even respect the property of others on the web. I think Copyright reached the end of its lifecycle,and now interferes with the free flow of information the web brought us. All the content on maschinengeschrieben is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license, so everyone is free to remix, share, edit and copy my works, if he/she attributes my work \with a link), if his/her new work is used for non-commercial purposes only and_i£ he/she shares the new work under the same or a similiar license. 1 think that makes much more sense in our age of sharing, remixing and transforming. what do you think? Triumph tippa This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty TyposphereDas Urheberrecht noch eine Existenzberechtigung? Seit vielen Jahrzehnten in der menschlichen Geschichte gab es nichts wie Urheberrecht. Im Mittelalter zum Beispiel jemand könnte ein Buch von Hand zu kopieren, war sein Inhalt nicht pro- geschützt. Dann erfand Gutenberg-Druck. Ideen, Texte könnten in Massen produziert werden und ein paar hundert Jahre später waren es Autoren, und viele Menschen lesen konnten. Im 18. Jahrhundert, schrieb ein Autor ein Buch und eine Verleger druckte es. Der Autor wurde eine Lizenzgebühr bezahlt. Dann machte andere Drucker priated Kopien oder diese Bücher, und da sie nicht über den Autor zu zahlen, hatten niedrigere Kosten und konnten ihre Bücher billiger. Die Idee kam herein oi Urheberrecht Der Autor bekam die Rechte in seinem Text, dass das Kopieren ohne Erlaubnis wurde verboten. Eine gute Idee, zumindest unter dem Aspekt des Autors vor 500 Jahren. Aber in den letzten 20 Jahren entwickelt eine neue Technologie, so dass der Traum von der universellen Zugang zu Wissen, Bildung und Kultur real: Das Internet. Neben so vielen anderen Dingen, Das Internet verändert, wie wir mit Informationen umgehen. Uther als in den Tagen, wenn urheberrechtlich inveted wurde, ist jeder ein Verlag nun schreibt, Remixe und Wiederverwendungen neuen und alten Informationen. Urheberrecht ist veraltet. Das Internet verändert die ganze Spiel. Copyright-Gesetz nicht ändern. Heutzutage gibt es Copyright Trolling und viele Menschen wissen nicht einmal respektieren die Eigentum anderer im Internet. Ich denke, Urheberrecht erreichte das Ende seines Lebenszyklus, und jetzt stört den freien Fluss von Informationen der Web gebracht mit uns auf. Alle Inhalte auf maschinengeschrieben wird lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA-Lizenz, so dass jeder ist kostenlos zu remixen, zu teilen, bearbeiten und kopieren Sie meine Werke, wenn er / sie Attribute meiner Arbeit \ mit einem Link), wenn seine / ihre neue Arbeit ist verwendet für nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke nur AND_i £ er / sie Aktien das neue Werk unter der gleichen oder einer ähnlichen Lizenz. 1 denke, das macht viel mehr Sinn in unserem Zeitalter des Teilens, Remixen und Transformation. was meinst du? Triumph Tippa Il diritto d'autore hanno ancora il diritto di esistere? Per molti decenni nella storia umana, non c'era niente come il diritto d'autore. In età medievale, ad esempio, chiunque poteva copiare un libro a mano, il suo contenuto non era pro- protetti. Poi, Gutenberg inventò la stampa. Idee, i testi possono essere prodotti in serie e poche centinaia di anni più tardi, ci sono stati gli autori e molte persone in grado di leggere. Nel 18 ° secolo, un autore ha scritto un libro e un editore ha stampato. L'autore è stato pagato una royalty. Poi, altre stampanti fatto copie priated o questi libri, e poiché non ha dovuto pagare l'autore, ha avuto minori spese e poteva loro libri meno costosi. L'idea oi diritti d'autore entrò L'autore ha ottenuto il diritti nel suo testo, che la copia senza autorizzazione era proibito. Una buona idea, almeno dal punto di dell'autore 500 anni fa. Ma negli ultimi 20 anni, una nuova tecnologia sviluppata, rendendo il sogno di un accesso universale alla conoscenza, all'istruzione e la vera cultura: The Internet. Oltre a tante altre cose, Internet cambiato il modo in cui trattiamo le informazioni. Uther che nei giorni, quando il copyright fu inveted, tutti sono un editore ora, scrive, remix e riutilizza vecchi e nuovi informazioni. Copyright è obsoleto. Il Internet cambiato intero gioco. La legge sul copyright non è cambiato. Al giorno d'oggi, c'è copyright trolling e molte persone non rispetta nemmeno la proprietà di terzi sul web. Penso Copyright raggiunto la fine del suo ciclo di vita, e ora interferisce con il libero flusso di informazioni che il web ha portato di noi. Tutti i contenuti di maschinengeschrieben è concesso in licenza sotto una Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA licenza, in modo che tutti è libero di remix, condividere, modificare e copiare le mie opere, se lui / lei attribuisce il mio \ lavoro con un link), se la sua / il suo nuovo lavoro è utilizzato per scopi non commerciali solo and_i sterline egli / ella parti il nuovo lavoro in condizioni identiche o una licenza simile. Uno pensa che ha molto più senso nella nostra epoca di condivisione, remix e trasformazione. cosa ne pensate? Triumph Tippa

Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Infinite Monkey Theorem.

If you give an infinite number of monkeys a typewriter each, they'll write all the worxs of William Shakespeare. If you gave them computers, they'll laugh about the Flash update reminder. Olympia SM-5 - 1956 This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

guest post: 100 years of history.

This is a guest post by Miguel of
Would you like share fascination and write your own guest post? Click here.

Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Video: IBM Ad.

"Now, if they only came up with a typewriter that could spell..."

Montag, 2. April 2012

Abgetippt: Die Trichter, The Funnels

Abgetippt. Christian Morgenstern, die Trichter Zwei Trichter wandeln durch die Nacht. Durch ihres Rumpfa verengten Schacht fliesst weisses Mondlicht still und heiter auf ihren Waldweg u.s. w. The Funnels Two funnela amhle through the night. Within their bodies, moonbeams white converge as they descend upon their forest pathway and so on This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere