Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

word verification

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Word verification: Disab1e the unnecessary "spam protection feature" According to a survey, internet users worldwide spend 150000 hours a day solving CAPTCHAs. That means about 3 million dollars a day of workmanship are lost, just to decipher cryptic letters. Sure, there are also innovative approaches on this, reCAPTOHA for example uses the words to digitalize books, must mostly, it's lost time. Lost lifetime. CAPTCHAS were initially designed to "tell robots and humans apart", to prevent spamwbots from submitting automatically generated, useless content. A good idea, but sometimes users don't undertsnad the sense of this "feature" and CAPTCHAs evidentially lead to a bigger percentage of usage abotts. Or CAPTCHAS may lead to lost comments: I had written my comment and decoded the GAPTCHA, pressed submit and then realized that my last letter in the CAPTCHA was wrong. I pressed BACKSPACE and - sure, my browser's guilty, too - lost my comment. Without the CAPTCHA, that wouldn't have happened. g If you'd now like to deactivate your CAPTCHA, I've done it when I started maschinengeschrieben and never received any spam comments, go to your dash- board, to your blog settings and to the comments tab. The third to last option is it: The possibility to deactivate the CAPTCHA. Feel free to try it and share your experiences. ROYAL SIGNET,

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But we do sometimes have fun with the words that come up. There's a whole series of comics now like this::

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Ironically, this post currently is under heavy attack by spammers.
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