Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

f.lux: great for night owls

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f.lux: Great for night owls Do you use your computer late at night? You might have noticed the blue light it's emitting. Unlike a typewriter, a computer screen needs to be backlit. At daytime, this is useful, and it makes them look like the sun. But you maybe shouldn't look at the sun at 9PM or 2AM. Someewen say the blue light makes your body produce other hormones and affects your sleep. However, I find it much more convenient to look at the slightly yellowed screen than at the For this reason, there's the small application f.lux. It needs your coordinates and then calculates sunset and sunrise and lowers the colour temperature at night making the screen look slightly yellow. Myself, I find it much more convenient to look at the night- screen than at the daylight screen, which almosts blind you when switching back from the "yellow" one. For color sensitive work, however, f.lux can be de- activated with a few clicks. I definitely reccomend the software, get it from

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Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

That is interesting. In theory, color temperature would make a difference. After all, we had fire a long time before we had LED lighting.

On the other hand, I've put a lot of resources into color accurate IPS monitors and I've become less appreciative of incandescent lighting in general. At least my LCD monitors are generally less bright than their behemoth CRT predecessors. Maybe I will compromise and dial down screen brightness towards bedtime.

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