Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

cable spaghetti

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shordzi hat gesagt…

True, true, very true. At most, one power cord. I do recommend to everyone to include the occasional electric typewriter in the collection.

Bill M hat gesagt…

One reason I decided to go with a manual (now the collection is up to 7) after giving away an IBM Selectric-II many years ago; no cable and no dependency on the power company.

MEK hat gesagt…

When I was in 8th grade, I typed a book report by candle light after our power went out. It's comforting to know my kids could do the same today.

Mike Speegle hat gesagt…

Ugh. I feel ya. My wife asked me just today if I needed "all those cables," to which my hasty and ill-advised answer was "Yes!"

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

My recently reconfigured desktop is becoming cable infested as well. The laptop runs a second monitor, speakers, wired keyboard and mouse and a combo scanner/printer. If that weren't bad enough, the Tardis hub has USBs hanging out for cameras and the Cylon style Think Geek Snowbot.

I'm afraid chucking it all and going to manual typewriters won't work given my total dependence on easy access to information on the Web.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Since I've got a new old desk (Typewriters look great on it), I have now:
.power cords for laptop and external monitor
.usb cable to hub, camera, scanner,mouse, external HDD, Kindle
.ethernet cable
.vga cable to external monitor
And I've hidden most of them behind the laptop/below the 2nd monitor.

Adwoa hat gesagt…

The comforting part about throwing away my scanner today - although I wouldn't have done it if OSX Lion hadn't forced me to - was getting rid of its two cables (power and USB). Less to worry about! A camera doesn't have cables (thanks to the SD card slot), but now taking good shots of the typed pages will be challenging...

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