Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Dear Blogspot, 10'000 Visitors

Blogger Buzz.
Dear Blogspot: Dreaded comments You may either like the new "Threaded Comments" feature blogger rolled out around the 12th of January, or you may not like it. I was quite enthusiastic about it, since it was a great new way to interact with my commentes. But it turned out that it uas Full of bugs that I couldn't accept: fllthough I had set "display profile pictures'to "none", there were - just no real ones. Everybody has the same, anonymous "No Image" picture. And the other issue was eveh more stupid - Although I've set my time zone to UTC+1, every comments had e time stamp that was about 9 hours too early. I didn't appreciate that. So 1 tried to find a solution on the mighty internet. Unsuccessful. maybe because the Feature was so new. And then I had the idea: when Blogger activated its lest controversal "Feature", the Lightbox feature which caused problems with typecast enlagring, it deactivated it again after a Few days. And then l had made a backup of my HTML template, to be Found via -Settings -Design - Edit HTML -Save/Restore template. I searched For the template on my herddisk, Found it, downloaded the newer template, compared them both in Notepad++ and Finally, there was relief - the new comment layout, "Threaded comments" was included in the new template. I tested the whole thing on one of my dead test blogs, and it worked. I made a backup of maschinenqepchrieben via -Settings -Basic -Extras -Export Blog and then copied the old template into the HTML template windows. I looked at the newest post and -Finally- the old layout had returned The bad news is: If you don't have an old version 0F your template, that won't work. So here's the advice: Always have a backup (of both your template and your whole blog) handy. Blogspot is erratic. Triumph tippa

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notagain hat gesagt…

With Blogger (and facebook, for that matter) I figure I get what I pay for.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

Congratulations on hitting a new milestone!

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Congratulations! May Maschinengeschrieben be online and active for a long, long time! It's one of the best blogs I've seen!

Bill M hat gesagt…

Congratulations on 10000. Free software is what is is, but why is it that anything that runs on Windoze generally is buggy and mostly all the Linux packages (generally all free) run bug free?

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your congratulations, everybody!
@notagain: Well, they provide us "free" space and we generate content for them. And it's - if not considering these changes - very simple, as opposed to buying a web address, getting a hoster and setting everything up...
@Dwayne: Thanks!
@Miguel: Thank you for your great praise! I am very honoured. :D
@Bill: Thanks! I agree Windows is buggy, I've tried Ubuntu a few times, but the general problem with Linux is the missing support for many pieces of soft- and hardware I use daily.

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

Congratulations on the big 10K! Don't tell anyone, but I designed and published a very simple website for a community group using blogger and free cloud solutions. Add a custom domain and I had one very happy client. I did come clean and tell them that my fee covered only my time and that the hosting was free - but this was a plus-point to them. The thing is, most people really don't care too much about the finer detail of how their site operates. I know WE do, but then we thrive on work-arounds and compromise.

Keep up the good work!

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