Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Guest Post: Typing Skills

This is a Guest Post by Miguel Chavez, visit also his Blog
Miguel, thanks for this thoughtful entry.

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shordzi hat gesagt…

Hello Miguel, this reminds me of my own typing class in highschool - I was the last generation to take one, but it provided me with a 10finger system of typing which proves very helpful right now, and every day.

Great idea of this guest post! Thank you Florian.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Very nice post. I agree 100%. Two skills that schools do not teach proper penmanship (printed and cursive writing) and typing. A third could be added for those college bound; shorthand. I learned to type in high school and was not interested to take shorthand as an elective class. Then I went to college. Beautiful Smith-Corona typewriter. I wish my desk were so neat and orderly.

MEK hat gesagt…

Very true! I took typing in 8th or 9th grade but could have used a refresher course before college. I now typically use about 4 or 5 fingers when I type and could be much more efficient if I had kept up the 10-finger method I learned over 30 years ago.

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

Very well said! And I totally agree... With computers we all think we know how to type properly. But we don't. I do believe most of us don't use our 10 fingers to type.

I still remember the nostalgia with some of my older friends and family looked at my typewriters when I have started collecting them. Apparently they had all learned to work with them when they were at school!

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