Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Abgetippt: Social Media Explained

Abgetippt: Social Media Explained . Twitter I'm using a typewriter Faoebook I like typewriters Founquare This is where I use my typewriter Instagram A blurry Wintage'photo of my typewriter YouTube A shakyvideo of me using my typewriter Linkedln My skills include typewriting Pinterest Here I post typewriter photos I found on etsy LastFM Now listening to "The Typewriter" Google+ No one really knows about that, but it might have to do with typewriters?

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Adwoa hat gesagt…

Hilarious! I love Pinterest; it's my new guilty pleasure. Although I don't pin as much as I should and haven't even gotten around to pinning my own blog posts (too lazy). I just enjoy browsing and get a kick out of occasionally seeing some of my pictures pop up there.

And yes, Google+ is where one might find typewriter enthusiasts attempting virtual type-ins with varying degrees of success. So I would say it has something to do with typewriters!

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Adwoa, I didn't know about Pinterest until a few days ago, when I read on Gizmodo that it was a new web trend for women, now, writing this entry, I went there, searched typewriter and found etsy photos - that's the story behind the Pinterest line.
I knew that the Typosphere is partly present on G+, but I don't want to share even more of my data with Google...

Bill M hat gesagt…

Social networking???? I have more than enough to do without any of it. Does that make me anti-social???????

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