Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

change your password day

Change your password at your own peril! I'm not responsible for anything that happens as a result of anyone's password choice.
Please also read Wikipedia: Diceware and xkcd 936.
change your password day imagine, a Website on which you own an aocount gets haoked‚ and your standard password‚ the one you use on pretty much every account you omn, gets oompromised that could quickly lead to terrible results. S0 Wday iS Chanse pur passmxijsga. since ‘Chat SÜOry might happen every few months‚ weeks or days. and I'm sure there's not much better than starting ITAM with new‚ seoure passwords. (A Hermes 5000, maybe?Ü Now whafis a safe password? TrOub4dor&5 or "oorrect horse battery staple light"? the first onel one might answer, since it contains everything a "good password should oonsist of"; oapitals‚ numbers‚ punctuations and so on. but it actually isn't. at a rate of 1000 guesses per second, a brute-force attack on your fancy and incredibly difficuß to remember password might suocess after Only 5 days. especially since common substitutions like 4 for A or zero for 0 aren't safe‚ far from that: attakers often try them before doing so in plain textl so why should the dull, but easy to remember password oonsisting of 5 usual words be more safe? because it's much longer. every vord adds 12,9 bit of entropy to the password, five words are already a good 64-bit password‚ while_the 1557-one is only 28 bits of entropy. and for oracking a diceware-password, a attakder with the same 1000 guesses per second would need centuries. why have we trained ourselves to use passwords that are easy to crack, but incredibly difiicult to remember? I don't know. but today is the day to ohange this. you may even inolude typewriter in your new password. read more with the links below. happy passvord changing‚ happy ITAMI maschinengesohrieben.blogspot.oom Optima Elite

4 Kommentare:

Bill M hat gesagt…

No need to change passwords on a typewriter....

Adwoa hat gesagt…

I see you are a fellow xkcd reader :)

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

OK, from now on I'm using Tr0ub4dor&3 for everything.


notagain hat gesagt…

I usually combine ham callsigns from the received qsl cards on my wall...
Hey happy ITAM

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