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Hermes 3000 Prices - Then and Today

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Hermes 3000 Prices - Then and Today On the sviss auction site ricardo, I recently spotted a Hermes 3000, first design. Nothing unusual, on normal days‚ there are a hand full of them for sale. But this one had two specialities: An intriguing vinyl case‚ mint and white‚ and the original receipt from Nov. 1964. Bosshart & Co. in Langnau BE sold the Hermes 3000 N0. 3250075 with synthetics case for 560 CHF. I inserted‘the number into an inflation- ca1culator‚ and here is the resultz Today, this would yost you 2040 Fr Considering the great typewriter the Hermes 3000 is‚ that seems appropriate. Especially since a top—ß(fißßf equipped notebbok costs about the same sum today. Hermes 3000

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Richard P hat gesagt…

It's interesting to calculate how many typewriters are worth today what they were worth when first sold (considering inflation). The answer: very few. Even most 19th-century antiques sell today for a fraction of their original cost. The ones that have gained the most are index typewriters that originally sold for $5 or $10.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Very interesting. I wonder did they cost more in Switzerland than in the USA? I rand a converter and 560 CHF is equal to 609 USD and 2040 CHF would equal 2219 USD. The adverts I see for the Hermes 3000 from the late 1960s list them at about 129 USD or about 800 USD adjusted for today by inflation. I wonder if the different typefaces made the machines cost differently.

Mike Speegle hat gesagt…

Yikes! Kind of makes you happy to be able to pick one up at the thrift store, huh?

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

@Richard: That's interesting, i didn't know about the early machines, but it makes sense, since they were mostly in business use back then.
@Bill: There's one mistake in your calculation; you used today's exchange value from $ to Fr. Back in the 60s, the $ was worth much more than the swiss Franc. As a part of the Bretton-Woods-System, the exchange value was 4,375 Fr. = 1$. This was the fixed exchange rate from 1949 to 1973. Since then, the dollar's exchange value went down to today's rate of 0.92 Fr. = 1$.
Now, if we divide the swiss price 560/4.375, we get the swiss price in 1967 $, it's $105. Inflation-adjusted $713. Looks like the Hermes 3000 was sold in the US for a bit more than in Switzerland.
@Mike Indeed! Typewriter collecting would be an expensive hobby instead...

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

With those prices collecting typewriters was out of the question!

Perhaps in 50 years from now some one will be collecting our notebooks and buying them in thrift stores.

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