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monospace. Monospace fonts are a nice thing - for typewriters. They don't mguire individual carriage advancing for every single letter‚ unlike a proportianl font‚ which maxes the i less wide than tne w. But should we use mogospace fonts like Courier if we have other options, for example on a screen or in a printout? I don't thinx so, because proportional fonts like Arial/Helvetica or even better‚ because with serifs, Times New Roman are much better legible and gived much less eyestrain when used for typesetting of a longer text. I'm not a big fan of the "original" typewriter fonts for the Computer eithee. With smudges and other defects looking old, they're nice for a logo‚ maybe a title or a typewriter related‚ short description. But personally I preier clean‚ modern fonts Ior reading longer texts. Olympia SM-5

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Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

I agree. Better to not let the typeface get in the way of content. Typewriter fonts CAN make useful display typefaces and are ideal for false-typecasts.

Bill M hat gesagt…

I'll vote for Ariel and Helvetica before any font with serifs. The biggest problem with proportional is readability whether or not it has serifs. Serifs do help to make certain letters readable as an I, l and 1 generally do not get misinterpreted. All too often on a monitor ii il ll or 11 all look alike. With larger font it is not as much of a problem. All copy meant for on-air was and still is generally done in all upper case double spaced so there are less mistakes.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments. @Rob, I totally agree. @Bill: Those are good points. I think Helvetica is much more aesthetic than fonts with serifs, but I find reading a text, book etc. without serifs pretty unconvenient.

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

I think that serifs look better in printed text and it's easier to read. But on the screen I do prefer non serifs.

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