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The Collection: Remington Deluxe Noiseless


If you have trouble reading the uneven typeface:
Transcript after the break.

Post scriptum: This isn't a Remington Noiseless 7, but rather a Remington Deluxe Noiseless, as I found out doing further research on Richard Polt's site. With that in mind, the ND-serial number makes sense, too. The machine was therefore made around 1939.
Also, I wanted to add that the machine isn't all that portable, with a size of 28x26x13 cm and a weight of 8 kg in the case. 

Yes, it has petrified feet.

The tabs are missing, so the tab function is useless. Pity.
The Collection: Remington Noiseless 7
In the series "The Collection", we present the
typewriters in the hoard of maschinengeschrieben.
This Friday, it's the collector's must-have,
the Remington Noiseless 7. Ooooooooooooooo [The "o" didn't go back properly until I adjusted the strength setting.]
Absolutely stunning.
The Remington Noiseless had been on my wishlist for
a number of months. I had read very good things
about it, for example Adwoa's praise of it as the
Collector's Must—Have. Other sites meant that it
was an over—estimated typewriter, and that the
noiseless mechnism wasn't all that good but only
converted the type—"clacking" into a deeper
"knocking". But when I hit the keys of a Continental
Silenta at the Typefest and I didn't hear anything,
I was instantly smitten. That noiseless technology
is great! It worked much better than I had expected.
It then took only a few days until I had my own
Remington Noiseless: I had already seen the one
that had been lurking around on a swiss
craigslist equivalent, and could haggle down the
price from 70 Fr. to 25 Fr., still over the average
price for a typewriter in Switzerland, but just
about okay. W hen I tried out this machine, I was
surprised how silent the machine is. It isn't noise-
less, but definitely great for nighttime typing.
I like the "muzzled" sound. On this machine, the
typeface isn't all that great, but it might be due
to the ribbon. I probably won't try another one
soon, though, since there aren't normal spools
used, but the ribbon is directly on a integrated
mini-spool. Also, there are "paper fingers" instead
of a proper paper bail lever, seems a bit antiquated.
A s speaking of age, this machine is a bit myster-
ious, with chrome keys and a serial number of
"ND165478". Considering the serial number alone,
it would have been made in 1933 or 1939, but
according to Richard Polt's comprehensive Remington
Portable page, crinkle paint was introduced after
WW II. A mystery, yet to be solved. [See above: It's a Remington Deluxe Noiseless, so everything makes sense.]
The typing feel of this machine is quite special,
short and responsive, like on the massive Underwood
electric Georg has, and with the great noise reduct-
ion, I can definitely recommend this machine. Remington Noiseless
Portable No. 7

12 Kommentare:

Cameron hat gesagt…

Beautiful typewriter!

I saw a similar one, but with glossy black paint, at the same antique mall where I found the Remington "All New Personal" typewriter featured on my blog.

The crinkle paint on yours is quite attractive! Even more importantly, it seems to type well. Definitely a "keeper" for your collection!

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

You might be able to find a substitute for the tabs. Also, check the case very carefully - I found one tucked behind a loose bit of the lining. Try POSSIBLY something like a split-link from a motorcycle chain? It looks like my Remington Noiselesses but has the return arm from a Remington Rand Model 1. But with the crackle paint of the equally similar Underwood Noiseless I have. I'm glad you like it. It is an acquired taste, but worth the trouble getting used to it.

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

PS: I thought post-war machines had plastic key tops too?

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

PPS: If it is anything to go by, my Canadian-built Remington 5 has crackle paint and dates to 1939-40. As far as North America counts, that could still be called pre-WW2?

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

Very nice! It appears to have escaped the skipping problem reported by some Noiseless 7 user and unfortunately present on my Noiseless 8. At some point I will buy a service manual to work through adjustments.

These really are shockingly quiet. The last machine I typed on is an SM3 and the difference is beyond noticeable.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Trust me: it is indeed portable compared to some of the "portables" I have. My Remington-Rand Quiet Riter "portable" from 1948 weighs in excess of 10 KG (maybe more!) and the case is almost as big as a luggage case.

What a beautiful machine. A Remington Noiseless is on my wishlist, but it will have to wait its turn. Right now, I have a 1912-1914 Corona portable with fold-down carriage on my sights; but now that I read your review, who knows? I might try to find one of these fine machines soon.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

An excellent typewriter. I don't have one in my collection but I did get a chance to type on one at "Berkeley Typewriter," a typewriter shop in California, which I had a chance to visit last summer. I totally agree with you, the typing action and feel of this machine is special.

Adwoa hat gesagt…

Wow! Congratulations, that is a seriously beautiful Noiseless. I saw it on Tutti and Ricardo, but never thought the seller would be willing to negotiate all the way down to 25 - you have some serious bargaining skills!!!

I love the glass keys on your Noiseless, although I think I prefer the glossy paint on mine. Yours is in great condition, though, really spotless. Glad you like the Noiseless action; it is really worth experiencing for a typewriter enthusiast.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Very nice post. I like your typewriter. I have on on my wish list, but not before I find the Noiseless & with the shiny paint and glass keys (yes, there is a 7 like that, I just missed one on Ebay). I have a 7 and a new ribbon makes a world of difference in the print.

I agree with the portability. These are big typewriters, but they fit in a case (also big and heavy), and they can be transported.

Glad yours does not skip.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Congratulations. According to Remington records, ND165478 was made in December, 1938.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

@Cameron, it's a keeper, definitely.
@Rob: The Noiseless Deluxe with touch regulator seems to have chrome keys. The chain tab-replacement is an excellent idea!
@Dwanye: It actually has a little bit of escaping, but luckily only after certain capitals, and not always.
@Miguel: Ha ha, 10+ kg and "Portable"... In my statistics, I consider machines up to 6 kg as portables.
@Ton, that's cool, trying typewriters in original typewriter stores. :)
@Adwoa: Well, don't be afraid to haggle. :)
@Bill: Good luck with your chrome-glossy Noiseless!
@Richard, thanks for this information!

anonymoose hat gesagt…

could the paint be a later re-finsih? i have a 1929 underwood with the front panel in black crinkle and a 1940's logo -- was (factory) refurbished at about 20 years of age...?

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