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Daily Memorandum

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HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE WASHINGTON D.C. DAILY MEMORANDUM No. 1013. April 15, 1912. NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN OBSTRUCTONS OF THE AMERICAN COAST. Mar. 28 – Lat 24° 20', lon 80° 02', passed a broken spar projecting about 3 feet out of water, apparently attached to sunken wrockage.--EVELYN (SS) Wright. OBSTRUCTIONS ALONG THE OVER-SEA ROUTES. Apr 7 - Lat 35° 20', lon 59° 40', saw a lowermast covered with marine growth.--ADRIATICO (It. ss), Cevascu. ICE REPORTS. Apr 7 - Lat 45° 10', lon 56° 40', ran into a strip of field ice about 3 or 4 miles wide extending north and south as far as could be seen. Some very heavy pans were seen.--ROSALIND (Br ss), Williams. Apr 10 - Lat 41° 50', lon 50° 25', passed a large ice field a few hundred feet wide and 15 miles long extending in a NNE direction.--EXCELSIOR (Ger ss). (New York Herald) COLLISION WITH ICEBERG - Apr 14 - Lat 41° 46', lon 50° 14', the British steamer TITANIC collided with an iceberg seriously damaging her bow; extent not definitely known. Apr 14 - The German steamer AMERIKA reported by radio telegraph passing two large icebergs in lat 41° 27'. lon 50° 08',--TITANIC (Br ss). Apr 14 - Lat 42° 06', lon 49° 43', encountered extensive field ice and saw seven icebergs of considerable size.--PISA (Ger ss). J. J. K N A P P Captain, U. S. Navy/Hydrographer.

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