Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Vimeo: Lilou & Tippa

It's an ad, but a very well done one. And that's a real, typewritten letter!
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notagain hat gesagt…

ooo! Sealing wax!
What exactly are they selling with that video?

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Very nice! I like that typewriter, any idea what make / model it is?

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Very nice cinematography. Love the "silence" of it with just the unobtrusive music bed of a guitar.

Richard P hat gesagt…


I used to have some sealing wax, long ago -- should get some again.

- a typebarhead hat gesagt…

Was that a brazillian or portuguese ad?

Love seals and sealing wax. Always wanted to get into that. It maybe next on my list of thing s to get into. :)

tr0x hat gesagt…

very nice video, and nice products too!

Cameron hat gesagt…

Very tastefully-done video! Thanks for sharing this.

My Gossen Tippa sounds exactly like the one in the video. I love it how each typewriter has its own "VOICE".

DonN hat gesagt…

who doesn't love those Tippas!

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

It's Brazilian... And very well done. It's an advertise of an online store of handmade sketchbooks and etc. The seller personally writes a thank you note that she adds to each order. Very, very good!

Danieli Bárbara | Lilou Estúdio hat gesagt…

Wow! This is so cool!
Thanks to everyone for the compliments!
The model is a Triumph Tippa, if I'm not mistaken they were produced in the decade of 60.
Actually, I'm not selling a product in this video but the concept of Lilou Estudio, my shop where i sell handmade notebooks, diaries, book and watercolor illustrations.
Thanks everyone!

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