Freitag, 29. Juni 2012


A few days ago, Apple introduced a new Macbook Pro. The laptop computer with a $2200 price tag already proved to be rather irrepairable: The case is sealed with proprietary screws, the battery is glued on, the entire screen unit is one piece, if the high-resolution screen breaks, the cover with camera, antennas etc. needs to be replaced - at immense cost, probably. The SSD-memory is an entirely new, proprietary type, and the RAM is glued on. If anything goes wrong with your expensive laptop, they want you to visit the Apple store for costly repairs. They did their best at hindering you from fixing the computer yourself. This is a 1923 Corona 3. The ribbon advancing mechanism is pretty complicated, yet I was able to repair it easily. There are "service holes" to insert a screw- driver if you need to fix a screw inside the shift mechanism. Everything is easy to repair and practical. For decades, typewriter ribbons were the same 33mm wide. Most typewriters share the excact same spools, only few have different solutions, for example the smaller spools of this Corona 3 - but it‘: only a matter of respooling. Apple even changed a magnet connection for a cable with their newest Macbook - $25, please. Corona 3 This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Richard P hat gesagt…

Those silly typewriter manufacturers, they should have made their products quickly obsolete and impossible to repair yourself. And they should have opened a slick "Corona Store" in every shopping mall ...

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

I read about the new Macs designed for obsolescence and found them to be very discouraging. Certainly, much of the technology of today is outmoded quickly, but at least we pretend other products are service and upgrade friendly.

I celebrated your post by giving a stinky Corona 4 a bath. It smells much better and is well on its way to the next 80 years of typing service.

Bill M hat gesagt…

I gave up on Apple products years ago due to the made in China extremely cheap and then priced as though they were made in the USA and still need replaced every few years. The solution, get a new PC or even one a few years old and run LINUX. I still have 10 year old PCs running fine. I know they will not last 20 years though.

Typewriters. Now they will be with us another Century.

notagain hat gesagt…

I think on this when contending with the proprietary Remington spools, but as you say, it's easy enough to respool something else onto them.
Great post!`

shordzi hat gesagt…

Very good points. Besides, as we recently discovered at our type-in, the Smith Corona is connected to the internet, proof being the "@" sign for sending e-mails.

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