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Patente suchen. bilingual

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Searching patents.
 When I wrote the article on the tab and margin setting device of the Continental 100, caught a research fever: I Did not only want to understand the admirable mechanism more, but I also wanted to know when it had been invented. On Wikipedia, I came across the research options of the German Patent Office, but the DPMA-registers seem to go back no further than 1950. Even though there were still about 200 typewriter patents found, the youngest expired in 2004, but none from the typewriter-historically much more interesting machines pre-war years. The DEPATIS database, the German patent information system, however, has (nearly) all patents since 1877 available, a search for typewriter results in over 1,500 documents, the Wanderer-Werke submitted approximately 700 different patents. Also, descriptions of the mechanism of a Hermes Baby or drawings of a Remington Portable are available. A fantastic treasure trove, mainly in German. Under - Recherche - Einsteiger, one may - for example - enter Schreibmaschine in the "Titel"-field, then choose from hundreds of patents. If a fitting publication is found, the first page can be opened by clicking on the PDF icon, also, a control window opens in the Browser. By clicking "Volldokument laden", the entire patent document can be downloaded after entering a Chaptcha. Continental 340
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