Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Basic Principles for Typewriting Identification.

a. The typefaces used by the different typewritermanuiacturers can be differentiated on thebasis of design and have dating significance.b. Through usage, typewriters develop individ-uality which can serve to identify the typewritingof a particular typewriter.c. The gradual development of typewriting in-dividuality plus ribbon condition and typefacecleanliness can be used to date a document orfixit within a period of time.d. Horizontal and vertical malalignment; tiltingcharacters; lack of uniformity of impressions (off-footedness); typeface scars, breaks, defects anddeformities; overall depth of impression; and re-bounding characters all serve to identify the type-writing of a particular machine.e. Some individualities are more unusual thanothers and thus have greater probative value.f. The principles underlying the identification oftypewriting are controlled by the mathematicalrules of probability as applied to independentevents.g. Peculiar habits of striking the typewriterkeys, spacing, arrangement, punctuation, incorrectcharacter usage, mistakes, corrections, etc. can beused to identify a typist or differentiate typists.h. A sheet of paper cannot be re-inserted in atypewriter in exact registerwith previous typingdone on the sheet of paper. This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Bill M hat gesagt…

Nice work. I wonder if any investigator can still identify a typewriter that was used for any specific document since computers have become the main writing instrument.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

And, as a general rule, Remington Noiseless portable typewriters tend to skip at semi-random intervals ;-)

Do a Google search for a document by the name of "Class Characteristics of Foreign Typewriters and Typefaces". I can't remember where I found my PDF copy. I have a feeling you will enjoy this criminology reference.

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