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Ton S. hat gesagt…

Truth is, it never occurred to me to count characters on the typeslugs. You see, I've always hated any kind of math. It's literally "math and madness" for me. ( :

Richard P hat gesagt…

I think the three dots aren't madness. Since a period is the most common punctuation mark and is used in numbers as well as with words, it's convenient to have it available no matter which shift key is being depressed.

Some double-shift typewriters, such as the Oliver, require you to shift to get a period -- otherwise you get a comma. This is one reason why I find Olivers very difficult to use!

L Casey hat gesagt…

I believe it is the same on the Oliver, as far as the three periods go. Those other extra symbols are nice to have on any typewriter. Not that they see much use, but some of them look so neat when you type them.

notagain hat gesagt…

I have long admired that particular bit of design, using double-shift to increase characters. I have an SCM 88 standard, they were so proud of having 88 characters but they hadn't even caught back up to their early history!

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Personally I find it easier to type at speed on the Corona than the Oliver. The fact that, at least in my Corona 3, the dot can be accessed without shifting makes it more natural to use. But I'm still baffled about the differences in the location of symbols from one machine to another. No doubt the standardization of keyboards did not extend to the symbols.

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