Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012


This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Mike Speegle hat gesagt… this day and age? Prolly a good thing. After all, most honest-to-goodness (or is it dishonest-to-badness?) real actual villains likely have no interest in something so archaic as a typewriter.

No, I tend rather to think that the scribeo-machine is the tool of the artistic revolutionary, the loveable Luddite, the typist who does it for love.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Well, that technique was borrowed from the Hardy Boys. ( :

shordzi hat gesagt…

Nice post and photo! In fact, publicly owning so many typewriters would make us major suspects, should a crime be committed in connection with a typed letter.

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

I'm Spartacus!

Bill M hat gesagt…

Neat. I like the post and the way you made the photo. I read about the FBI supposedly traced a typewritten page to a specific typewriter in investigations, but not being any kind of investigator wonder if it is or was really true. Today with ink jet and laser printers there is no method of tracing a document back to where it was printed.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for all of your comments! I have to answer Bill back, I do know of some Canon printers which printed a tiny, invisible, unique watermark on every page printed, which can be traced back to the printer. That, however, was widely criticised by cosumer protection organisations.
And indeed, I wrote this post after Ton's post, but had it in mind long before.

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