Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

The Type-On-The-Go Typewriter.

The Type-On-The-Go Typewriter The Corona 3 is the ideal type- writer for a Type—In or for typing in public. Why? Because it is small, cute, folding, old and a bit strange. But the Remington Portable 2 is that as well. So what makes the Corona 3 special? Some unused space in its case, which turns out to be incredibly practical: On the Corona 3 X-C, the variant with 90 keys, there is a 5.0 cm wide unused space on the left of the machine, between the body and the case when the carriage is folded over the keyboard. It's a happenstance that my camera in its case perfectly fits in there, but I already had other ideas of what to place there: A small piece of bread, a pocket flask, a spare ribbon, spare batteries for your camera, a wallet... The possibilities of placing practical things there are (almost) endless. Corona 3 ++++++ Attention: I do not know if that space is the same size on other variants of the Corona 3, although I assume it is. This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Richard P hat gesagt…

Nice! I love that picture.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Nifty. The foresight of the Corona company to let enough room for a camera of the future.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Quite useful! I assume your case is a bit bigger than the ones my Corona 3 machines once used, since your machine is the newer model with a wider keyboard and carriage.

Speaking of the case, think it would be possible to post some pictures of it for an upcoming entry? I could use some visual references to design a replacement case for "Dali".

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments.
Miguel, are you sure that the carriage is bigger on the X-C? That doesn't really make sense to me, because the paper should've stayed the same size, I assume. Therefore, I believe that the width of the case should be the same.

shordzi hat gesagt…

Well, that's the perfect travel outfit. I just had a great idea for a short typewriter movie. It's set in a McDonald's restaurant, but instead of burgers, there are only typewriters on the menu. We, the staff, hand out the ordered typewriters, and it is a mega-type-in! I will look for sponsors to do this film.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

The newer machines have a carriage about one inch wider than the older ones, in order to accomodate standard envelopes too. In machines like mine, you can barely fit a letter- or legal-size page in the platen, but the carriage is wider in my parts machine, which has the double-shift mechanism in both sides of the keyboard, just like yours.

Now the case would be a bit wider than the ones originally supplied with my older Coronas, but I assume it would be of the same general shape and proportions; that's why I'm interested in seeing your case, to make the proper drawings and adjust all the dimensions to fit the smaller model. ^^

michaeliany hat gesagt…

great... i just decided a couple days ago that i do not need a corona 3 in my collection but now with this blog entry, you are making me reconsider!!! LOL

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