Mittwoch, 29. August 2012


This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Richard P hat gesagt…

You're right -- my desktop arrangement includes a laptop, an external hard drive for backup, a phone, a scanner, a printer, a DSL cable, and all these things are connected. It's ugly.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Well on my desk are 2 monitors, a mouse, keyboard, Scanner-Copier-Printer-Fax, a telephone, audio mixer to interface to & from my stereo for audio work and a bunch of cables. I can fit a typewriter on it too. Then on the opposite space is my typing table with a typewriter and sometimes a book or two on it.

I can type on a TV tray or table, but I would be very pressed for more than a notebook PC on one of those. Oh, I forgot, my router is beside the desk as well as 2, 3kW UPS units. Gee, none of my typewriters need a UPS. Nor do they care if the power blips or fails.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

I love this typeface! More, please...

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