Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Paper Bail.

Paper Baillbevera. If the paper aticks out from the platen und it's hit by a type:1ug‚ tue top end of the bypealug will leave an unwanted inprint above the printed letter. To prevent bh1s‚ bypewriters have paper bail gear 1 paper bail levera with rubber (or‚ rare1y‚ metal) rollers or -‘Ehe solution used moatly on early mac inea - small arme pressing the paper against the planen ab the edge of the paper. O And I actually prefer that more "primitive" solution - %%f litt 1e levern don't‘bbstruct the view on the linea written befre‚ the simpia mechanism is even lese prone to 'flamäge than the paper bail 1ever‚ and the paper always atayu ab the platen, no problems occur when inserting the paper. It's simple, it worka. Which approach do you prefer? maschinengenchrieben. g blogapot. Corbna 3 1 cqm i

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L Casey hat gesagt…

The best system I have found are the paper fingers on the Olympia SG1. Small rubber rollers, yes, but they are encased in that little metal half-moon. As such, when I use the paper injector on the SG1, it never ever gets caught on the rollers. It is absolutely amazing! Trying the same with the paper injector on my Hermes Ambassador, or even just rolling paper manually into any other machine, you always have to stop when you get to the paper fingers and release them a bit so the paper won't get jammed up.

It is amazing how simple a change it is, and yet it is ultimately superior to all others (in my opinion, of course).

Bill M hat gesagt…

I like the metal ones at the end of the platen if only modern machines with a card holder had them.

Richard P hat gesagt…

I find paper bails annoying too. They reduce visibility, and you usually have to lift them when rolling the paper in, or you'll dent the paper.

Joe V hat gesagt…

My Corona 4 has the side levers, but they don't work with paper narrower than full width because they require margins wide enough so as not to interfere with the ribbon vibrator mechanism. I prefer to typecast on narrower paper so as to make the font legible upon posting. In that respect I prefer the convention bail that runs full width.

Ryan Adney hat gesagt…

I use pretty heavy paper for letters and it always seems to bow with the finger. The bail offers- in my opinion- a more even pressure across the sheet. I am annoyed less by the bail and lines being obstruced than by the paper not being held tightly against the platen.

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