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A Superlative Typehunt.

maschinengeschrieben Zurich Typehunt
October 5, 2012.


A Hermes Standard, Fr. 125

Citroën-Garage: The treasures follow after the break!

The horde didn't change at all since my last visit - only their arrangement changed and they were joined by a flatscreen.

In Brocki-Welt, I spotted an Olympia SM-7/8/9 with excellent touch - only the large size kept me from buying it for Fr. 15 - and a Hermes Standard very similiar to the one from Berta 6, this one for Fr. 50.

The Underwood was still there..

.. as was the Hermes Baby guestbook, but it seems to be in a state of decay - it didn't type well anymore and the ribbon was twisted and jammed, so I couldn't correct that.

The list of finds from the Citroën-garage goes on: A Brother, branded M-Office since it was sold by Migros,  Switzerland's largest supermarket chain. Price today: Fr. 25

In a smaller sub-store of the Citroën-garage that I found open that day for the first time, I found another Brother - this one for Fr. 10, as well as..

.. one of these late Olympias whose design reminds me of a scanner. Fr. 5, but I don't know if either of these two machines worked. The owner of the store was meanwhile frying bacon.

In yet another new store on the 1st floor, I found an Orga Privat (16022)..

.. and a Hermes 2000.

When I thought I was through, another typewriter showed up at Citroën-garage: Just outside, a single seller had place some flea market items - on a Friday noon!

Among these was the rather beat-up Hermes Baby 327933.

Finally, I got on the bus to Hardbrücke, to the Salvation Army.

I was greeted by this box: Inside was a..

.. electric Olivetti Lettera 38C for Fr. 15.

Also, the Olympia Traveller I had encountered with a totally jammed case last time opened this time..

.. just to show nothing but its expected content. I really don't like its typing feel, it's way too tiring, it feels like jumping around on a trampoline.

Finally, I walked to the Hardbrücke railway station and got on the train.

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

10 Kommentare:

L Casey hat gesagt… came home with NOTHING? Man...that Orga and Hermes Standard(s) are screaming to get some typing done. I would die to find these in the fiend!

Scott K hat gesagt…

Some nice machines there. I don't know if I could avoid forking out some serious cash.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Plenty of typewriters. I like that Hermes Standard and Orga Privat the best. I do not know what 125Fr translates to for USD, but I would bet I would pass it by for that price and my present budget.

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

Amazing! I went to a four story antique mall over the weekend and found a total of three typewriters. Those Hermes Standard machines are well styled.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.

notagain hat gesagt…

good grief! Where were all those when I was there?

shordzi hat gesagt…

good work, nice machines. thanks for sharing!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I always enjoy seeing typewriters found in the wild (as apart from digital haunts). Thanks for that!

Ton S. hat gesagt…

I can't believe I almost missed this post.

Looks like it rained typewriters in Zurich that day. Twenty typewriters within two hours??? That is insane! Love the Hermes Standard in the first pic but where are the photos of the two Olivettis?

SM9, aha!

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Ton, one Olivetti in the horde at Citroën-garage (Lettera 32) and the electric 38C at Salvation army.

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