Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012

wrong way.

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

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Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Nice typeface!

Changing and adjusting ribbons has always been a messy job. (Looking forward to get my hands dirty doing basic cleaning and changing ribbon to the Lexikon 80)

Bill M hat gesagt…

I think we all thread the ribbons wrong at times on new-to-us old machines. I always use the 'ribbon closest to the paper' to thread ribbons. I often wear surgical gloves to keep my fingers clean and usually place a scrap sheet of paper in the machine to keep ink off of the platen.

There are many kinds of vinyl and nitrile gloves available in the States for reasonable prices. I prefer surgical or exam gloves since they fit very tightly on my hands without the sloppy fit of other gloves used for painting and changing oil and such.

There is a foam kind of invisible glove available also, but at $8.00 or more a can I find it too expensive. It is a foam that gets rubbed onto hands to protect them. Works fantastic, but I can get exam gloves at 50 pairs for around $3.50.

Cameron hat gesagt…

I have recently discovered two other incorrectly-threaded ribbons on typewriters I hadn't used in a while. Richard & Bill are right: RIBBON CLOSEST TO THE PLATEN is the best general rule to follow.

I am amused that there are probably MORE machines in my collection, sitting in their cases, with incorrectly-threaded ribbons!

Yes, I can laugh about this now...

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