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Scott K hat gesagt…

I actually stayed in a workers dorm in China once, while doing some work there. It wasn't foxconn, but you can probably level the same accusations against this company.

I agree, these workers are under-paid and housed, often like cattle. Many of them have qualifications much above my own. Actually, the Foxconn workers are by comparison treated considerably better than some of the other places.

Interestingly, there's a few factories that deal with prisoners as their workforce. The conditions in those places are often better than regular factories.

I would love to see some of the photos from the Paliard factory, That would be fascinating. But while we're talking about typewriters - check out a video on youtube about making a Remington 16, and have a look at the work conditions in the background. I'll tell you now... worse than most of what I've seen in China.

Robert Messenger hat gesagt…

Well said - yet again!

Bill M hat gesagt…

I've seen video of Chinese factory conditions and most are as bad or worse than slave labor. The workers are very low paid too.

It'd be nice to see photos inside different factories from different time periods.

Jason hat gesagt…

My grandfather worked in an Underwood factory for 3 days. He hated it. So maybe not all the old typewriter workers liked their job. But at least he had the luxury to quit when he didn't enjoy it.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Speaking of Remington, their workers went on several strikes in the 1930s and the company used ruthless tactics against the union.

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