Donnerstag, 25. August 2011


Schreibmaschinen-Schoner "TYP-FIX" - Kennt das jemand aus aktiver Nutzung?

Typewriter conserver
(protected by law)
For a beautiful, clean typeface
conserves the roller
conserves the typebars
conserves the ribbon
conserves the carbon paper
for a light, elastic type clack
for a longer machine life
prevents paper folding ("Rumpfen")
prevents "Ausschlagen" (cutting) of writing paper

Not to be confused with usual roller conservers
Does anyone know this from active using?

3 Kommentare:

Ted hat gesagt…

if it's made of a felt-like material, it's probably a typeface cleaner sheet. You'd roll it into the typewriter, set it on the stencil-cutting setting and type on it to clean the typebars. I have a few old sheets of this stuff made by 3M in the USA.

Beat hat gesagt…

It is made of a heavy, rubber-like material. In school I had to use the identical product myself. It basically protects the rubber roller from being worn out early. On the other hand, if a platen has become uneven from many years of heavy typing, such a protector might even out the bumps, thus making the typeface appear cleaner.

Adrian hat gesagt…

Ich habe das vor Jahrzehnten verwendet. Polstert das Blatt, besonders nützlich mit Kohlepapier-Durchschlägen

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