Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

The Collection: Hermes 4

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notagain hat gesagt…

Wow, very nice! looks like a Royal 10

Bill M hat gesagt…

Very nice machine and typeface. Great find.

Adwoa hat gesagt…

WOW! That is some highly impressive writing iron, and you are fortunate to have received such a fine example, complete with the original case and decals. I am jealous that you have the space to keep this :)

It seems to write very nicely, too! Reminds me a bit of the Continental standards.

Fernando Antunes hat gesagt…

Very nice! Lucky find.

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

There does seem to be a solidity and sureness of action to standards. I have two, neither cased, but I'm glad to have broken my collecting rules on those two occasions. Your Hermes looks to be in very good condition. Congratulations on a great find.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

That is a very beautiful machine. I know what you mean when you say you were surprised by the sheer weight and size of these old, pre-1940s designs: one of my favorite typewriters is a Remington Standard 12, of course nowhere near your Hermes in terms of beauty, but with a very similar size and layout. These machines are rock solid and, properly lubricated, can work real hard even now, producing page after page of text.

Congratulations on your find, and enjoy using this fantastic machine! That's the best way to keep them for posterity, IMHO.

MEK hat gesagt…

It's a beautiful machine! I'm glad it now belongs to someone who can truly appreciate it.

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