Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Video: Andy Rooney about typewriters

"If my Underwood had been a computer I'd have had to buy a new one every time I needed a new ribbon because Bill Gates would have designed new ribbons so that they didn't fit last year's typewriters."

3 Kommentare:

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

Whoever he is (?), he has a point!

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

Blaming Gates on the different locations of the On/off switch is a bit exaggerated, but I do concede that planned obsolescence in computer design (what they call "technological advancement") is getting out of hand. And even if you hang to your old computer, eventually it will fry itself dead because of the heat it produces. we will hardly see a 70 year old computer working.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Should be the late Andy Rooney (1919 - 2011).

I remember when he did this on 60 Minutes.
I also posted it sometime about the time of his retirement from CBS.

@Rob, Andy was a writer for CBS News, mainly 60 Minutes. He became a commentator also.

Andy always seemed to hit the mark. He did with this one.

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