Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Printers: Why they were sent from hell.

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere Printers: Why they were sent from hell. At the dawn of the computer era, people searched for a way to bring their bits onto paper. A peripheral with the representative name "printer" was the chosen solution. Complicated mechanical innards were designed to bring toner onto the paper. Printouts could be produced in relatively short time and in high numbers. But something must have gone wrong: Already the installation is a problem - it works, or you first have to install an insanely huge software with crappy functionality, configurate dozens of drivers - and it stillwon't work. ' If the installation was successful. the next problem is only a few prints away: The devilled device will display a message, stating that the ink cartridge has to be replaced. And fresh ink costs more than the printer itself. And you're hapgf if you used up all colours - many printers willrefuse working even if only one single colour is empty. After few years of use, a printer is dead. I prefer the typewriter. Reming¢onPortable 2

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Bill M hat gesagt…

But the first ones were daisy wheel and pin-matrix printers running on DOS or UNIX and did kind of all right. The later 19 pin ones came quite close to ink jet printers and could even do graphics. But the consumer wanted a color printer. Or the manufacturers propaganda was that consumers wanted color so the birth of the ink jet. All of them were wasteful of paper. Why did any of them need to feed a second blank page for only one page of printed material? This was especially wasteful with the first ones with the tractor fed paper.
Neat post. I'd rather just use my typewriter, especially for addressing envelopes and filling forms.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

I think I can pinpoint exactly when things went wrong with printers: around 1991, when we all wanted to use fancy graphic fonts in our documents. Before that things were a lot easier. Oh! And the very first printers were like typewriters in many ways, they even used ink-soaked cotton ribbons, instead of ink cartridges!

MEK hat gesagt…

I've never experienced a misfeed or a paper jam with a typewriter, either!

Mike Speegle hat gesagt…

A million years ago, I worked for CompUSA (when there was a CompUSA) when they sold a printer for $50. Of course, the IEEE 1294 cable cost $40, and the ink cartridges cost $50 apiece.


tr0x hat gesagt…

I've got a laser printer for printing manuals and alike, but I still prefer to use my Epson LX-300+II, a trusty old impact printer :-D
And if I really don't need a printer (and its related computer stuff) I simply take the typewriter and I start typing: so simple, so effective!

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