Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

The Collection: Corona 3

The Collection: Corona 3 In the series "The Collection" the typewriters in the collection of maschinengeschrieben are presented. This Friday, it's the Corona 3. In 1907, the Standard Folding Typewriter went into production. Despite its"groundbreakingly portable masures, sales were rather low. In 1909, the rights were sold to a consortium, and production was moved to Groton. To make the name suitable for the European market, the machine was renamed to Corona in 1911. The Corona 3 was very popular with allied troops during the first World War, and in 1919, a total of 275'900 machines had been sold, 81'OOO in 1919 alone. Even though more advanced typewriters like the Underwood 3, the Remington Portable or the Corona 4 were introduced over time, the Corona 3 stayed in production until 1941, with over 700'OO0 specimen made, thus making it one of the most successful typewriters in history. With that high number of Corona 3s produced, it's a happy fact that many of them survived. My Corona Three was produced in 1922, the tiny serial number stamping at the underside of the back frame says 578623.The first thing that one notices when seeing a Corona 3 is how small (and cute) it is. It's tiny! The solution of folding the carriage with ribbon assemblage over the keyboard for carrying makes the Corona really compact, the case is only 11.5x32x24 cm and weighs (with typewriter) 4.4 kg. Thea} itself is only 3.1 kg light. When typing on the Corona 3, one notices the "missing" keyboard row, but the double- shift is actually pretty intuitive, I think I achieve a slightly lower typing speed but amke few errors (ha. ha.) Also, there's plenty of room for special charac- ters, allowing all the numbers, but only by omitting the Umlaute, there's alos room for «Sam on my keyboard that was (at least once) equipped with a special type- slug. There's °‘°/ and + as well, but surprisingly no asterisk. Typing feel is good, noise a bit sharp. Totally recommended to everyone. ’" Corona 3 This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

6 Kommentare:

Bill M hat gesagt…

That is one very nice Corona 3. The typeface is beautiful.

Scott K hat gesagt…

These really an interesting Machine. I'm yet to see one in person though.

Cameron hat gesagt…

Nice post! You have an excellent example of this very popular model.

My Corona 3 is slightly older than yours, with a serial number of 565240!

Adwoa hat gesagt…

You found your Corona 3! Good job, it looks very nice. Three-bank keyboards do take a bit of getting used to, I agree.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

This is indeed a very nice machine, and very ingenious, too! I really like how you can fold down the carriage to save a lot of space and at the same time protect the machine for transport. The only thing I haven't discovered is how to reverse the ribbon advance. XD

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Congratulations, Florian! Glad you found one. Looks nice and clean too.

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