Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Video: IBM Selectric Ad

"It turns, tilts, prints."
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Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

I really love that design. It's very ingenious, works really fast, and the printouts are very sharp with the polyethilene ribbons. To this day I use mine on a regular basis for work, and the forms filled with it still make a very good impression.

Richard P hat gesagt…

I would have bought one!

Bill M hat gesagt…

One day I will add one to my collection.

tr0x hat gesagt…

It's interesting that the design of the ball changed with time... I suppose this is the first version and it seems more solid than the plastic+metal tab design that seems not as durable :-)

Cameron hat gesagt…

I love the design of the original Selectric. My Selectric II looks more utilitarian, with less interesting lines -- but of course all the Selectric versions type beautifully!

Unknown hat gesagt…

I just love Selectrics. For me the best line of typewriters ever made...!

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