Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Typing on a 1914 Paddle Steamer

More pictures, including the engine and the captain, after the break.

Dank an die Crew von Kurs 118 für die angenehmen Fahrten und die Besichtigungsmöglichkeiten!
The pictures were taken on multiple trips, but all aboard the "Stadt Rapperswil" and within one week.
Typing on a 1914 Paddle Steamer T/7/2012 In the mid of the 19th century‚ the steamer Minerva entered service on the Lake of Zurich. It was one of the faetest ships then‚ and the firat boat in Europe with a all-steel hull. A bit more than 50 years later‚ the paddle eteamer "Stadt Zuer1ch' entered Service. It 18 a 60m 1ong‚ 250 tons heavy boat with an elegant shape‚ designed to carry over 1200 passengers. A 500 hp steam eng1ne‚ built ab the legendary Escher-Wyss factor1ee‚ powers the two paddle wheels. 5 years later‚ in 1914, her slightly improved sister boat‚ the "Stadt Rapperew11"‚ left the staple. Bub ehe wasn't in Service for long: Few months lauer, the first World War broke out and made coal a very scarce reeource. The boata couldn't operate and remained in the dock. World War 2 lead to a completely different situation: The boats were powered all the t1me‚ ready to defend Sw1tzer- land in case of an invasion. After the war, the steamers didn't burn any coal anymore‚ but uae 011 now - 2500 kg per boat and day. And there was another threat‚ a lese martiallc one‚ incoming: More modern boats‚ built 1n the 608, were about to thveat to replace the eteamers‚ whlch were in a bad condition by then: They needed lese personal and were more economic. A wideepread action of the people saved the historlc paddle eteamera from begng turned into scrap metal. Nowadays‚ the ZSG, the company operating the boats on the Lake of Zurich, are very proud of thelr historic boats‚ and the "Stadt Zuerich" 1s currently undergoing major repairs and refurbishment.

7 Kommentare:

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Awesome, Florian, I really enjoyed this post.
It must be fun to type on the deck of the Stadt Rapperswil. Now we have the first Steamer type-out!

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

What a fantastic typecast!! It is definitely one of those experiences I'd like to have at least once in my life: not only boarding a historic vessel like that, but also being able to see the enormous machinery at work. And bring "Dali" with me to type onboard!

Bill M hat gesagt…

What a wonder place to type. The steamer looks very interesting.

notagain hat gesagt…

Boatcast! well done sir! Terrific boat too, I wish I'd taken that ride myself.

Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

All this begs the question...Did anyone ever invent a steam powered typewriter?

Cameron hat gesagt…

You've added a significant contribution to the "Most Interesting Places in which to Type" list! WELL DONE.

A.R.M.S. hat gesagt…

How fantastic! What a lovely place to typecast from, and in such style! Bravo!

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