Freitag, 17. August 2012


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Bill M hat gesagt…

All the more to use Linux.

Then one could purchase the PC from Micro$oft and have no extra software installed.
That way allows the user to add only what they want. The PC is configured for Windows only and it is tweaked for the machine on which it is installed.

Typewriters are still faster for writing.

Jasper Lindell hat gesagt…

What I'd like in a new computer is to get rid of all the stuff we don't need - trials, games, demo versions - and just have the full version of Microsoft Word. Then again, you are right, a typewriter's easier any day.

Jason hat gesagt…

As mentioned above, Linux is the answer to that. Of course there is a learning curve, but once you reach it the Linux experience is amazing.

I use Arch Linux and after you install it there is only a base system. You install everything you need yourself. It is the total opposite of bloatware.

And I'd love to buy a factory-new typewriter, if they existed. Setting up a purchased typewriter takes longer now than setting up a Windows computer. Cleaning, scrubbing, oiling, making sure everything works on it.

Both Computers and Typewriters have their positives and negatives. But to be clear, I want to be buried with my Hermes 3000 and you can just throw my computer away.

Jasper Lindell hat gesagt…

As a business model Microsoft have got it all worked out... My plan is to go to Linux when my computer lease ends. Open source all the way.

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