Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Erika, Schneebeli.

This awesome post was brought to you by the mighty Typosphere

4 Kommentare:

L Casey hat gesagt…

Such great history. I have always found the best machines to be those you know a bit more about than just any other typewriter.

Richard P hat gesagt…

That was not cheap, especially in the Depression!

It is interesting to remember that buying a new typewriter back then was comparable to buying a good new computer today. (Except that you could expect the typewriter to last for 25 years or more!)

Dwayne F. hat gesagt…

I love finding these remnants of history. Thanks for sharing it. I will appreciate my Erika 5 just a bit more knowing what an investment it was back in the day.

A.R.M.S. hat gesagt…

This makes me more excited for the pending arrival of my own Erika! It's so neat to get little snippets from the life of the machine...and those who owned it.

Goodness, they were not cheap, were they!? That's as much (and more than some) as a car cost back then!

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