Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012


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Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

That's when the built-in character ruler, the typing "sights" and the escapement button on the carriage come in handy. You just write a reference card telling you the titles of each column and the position on which they are located (you can determine it by placing the "sight" on the left of the column and annotating the character position indicated by the ruler).

Then you just disengage the escapement pressing the button on top of the carriage and move it freely until the sight corresponds to the position where you want to type.

Bill M hat gesagt…

I've never made many columns without using a tabulator, but last night I did do a few as I wanted to record serial numbers and dates for my Smith-Corona Skyriter typewriters. Of course, I use a Skyriter to do it. Only had the type bar guide slot for my alignment and it was not all that difficult.

Richard P hat gesagt…

You got a spam comment here that you'll want to delete.

For large numerical tables, a decimal tabulator is essential.

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