Freitag, 23. November 2012

IV. Zurich Typehunt

Zürich, 16. November 2012 - IV. Zurich Typehunt.


The normal typewriter space is empty - there isn't a single typewriter left in this shop.

Disturbing sight at Citroën-Garage: Batter boards, announcing the construction of a  "skyscraper" (keep in mind, the highest building in Switzerland is Zurich's Prime Tower, 126 m, just a few steps away from Salvation Army), 40 meters high. I knew that the thrift stores were just a temporary use of the building, but I didn't expect that to happen that fast...

There are still typewriters - at least for now: The Olympia sits still there, next to its old companion, the Hermes Standard. In the background, however, a new Royal Standard with round glass keys appeared - asking price Fr. 45, 5 Fr. less than the Hermes Standard. The Royal works, but I have to say that I didn't like its touch; too short and heavy.

The Underwood Finger-Flite, however, is gone.

The Horde saw another re-arrangement and...

They got new price tags! The Lettera, one of the more expensive ones in the old pricing, is now the cheapest - the Hermes 3000.2 is now "Vintage 60's" (I hate that apostrophe!) and costs a whopping Fr. 125.

In the small store with the bacon-smell, the scanner-Olympia and the yellow Brother were gone as well.

In another store, however, I found this magnificient Olivetti M44. Its serial number seems to be 978, very low - and it is stamped in a place where there's nothing on Peter's M44.

M44 Details.

Salvation Army - the Prime Tower would be 90° to the right.

At Salvation Army - the Lettera 38C is still there, but there's something lurking in the background...

A Brother AX-45, a lot like my first own typewriter, only with the addition of a screen.

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4 Kommentare:

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Nice Olivetti M44. Did you get it?

Bill M hat gesagt…

Nice typewriters. Those prices look a bit expensive. I like the M44, but the price!

Then I am not in Zurich. In my travels over the past week I finally found a second typewriter in a thrift shop here. It was a rebranded Brother (Royal) electric.

maschinengeschrieben hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments!
Ton, I liked the M44 very much, but I still have my collecting rules - they must have a case. Thanks to that, I didn't really have to consider the M44, but as Bill pointed out, Fr. 85 is a pretty steep price - on the swiss auction site, I usually pay Fr. 10 for a machine.
Congratulations on your second thrift store spotting, Bill!

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Florian, I agree, Fr. 85 is too steep, even for an M44.

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