Montag, 12. November 2012

Paper Usage.

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Rob Bowker hat gesagt…

i hope it is recycled paper!

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

You can offset a little more of the energy and resource consumption of your typecasts if you take into account the electricity you save by NOT having to plug your Remington Portable to the grid.

Most of today´s electric and electronic gadgets have a "standby" mode where they are not completely off when you shut them off; they are merely "dormant", in a state where their energy consumption is reduced, but NOT eliminated. This has some advantages when it comes to powering them up again - it takes shorter than a complete power up. But when you add up the power usage of all the electronic devices in the average household, you find we are wasting a whole lot of energy (and resources) simply by having our computer, stereo, videogame console, TV and other gadgets "off" but plugged.

Typewriters don't have that kind of dirty secrets.

Richard P hat gesagt…

Good point. I am getting less reliant on paper documents for many purposes, but the shared laser printer in our office is going almost constantly.

Bill M hat gesagt…

Maybe paperless one day. We here in the States were fed the same propaganda in the 80s with the dawning of the PC. We will have paperless offices. We will be a paperless society. Paper use skyrocketed with the proliferation of the PC. I do not remember ever using a ream of paper in years. Then came the PC and I use perhaps one ream a month and I am not alone. I know people who buy paper by the case per month.

Before the PC the biggest use of paper I saw was in the newsroom and on teletype machines.

Cameron hat gesagt…

Good conservation! Or at least, keeping the "global footprint" lighter.

I've used the reverse side of our printed music compositions ever since I started posting. (Usually we have to actually print these parts out to check errors.) I cringe whenever I waste paper, so typing blog posts on the backs helps a bit.

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