Freitag, 16. November 2012

Zurich Typehunt: 21 Days Later.

Remember the last Zurich Typehunt? Exactly, the one with 20 typewriters. This is how the situation looked like three weeks later. Zurich, October 26.

Bertastrasse. The leaves are falling.

A Vespa at Bertastrasse.

The place where the Hermes Standard sat last time is now occupied by Christmas decorations.

The usual typewriter space is "empty" as well.

At Citroën-Garage, the horde moved to yet a new location in the store. This place seems to constantly undergo change.

Hermes 3000.2, Olympia/AEG Traveller DeLuxe, topless Adler/Triumph, Hermes 3000.3, Swissa Junior, Precisa calculating machine, Olivetti Lettera 32.

The the brocki-welt sub-store, Christmas arrived as well.

The Olympia SM7/8/9 is in a state of decay - it feels more rattley than last time, the typebars were jammed and I had to change the colour selector lever - it was set to white. The Hermes Standard still sat next to it, and without ribbon nor paper, it probably hadn't been tortured. The Underwood Finger-Flite was still there as well, hidden in its case.

The store on the demi-floor also had a new layout. The Orga had a more prominent space, but the store was closed.

At Salvation Army, the Olympia Traveller DeLuxe was gone.

The olivetti Lettera 38C however hadn't found a buyer (yet).

For your entertainment, I created the Label Zurich Type-Hunt. You may find all past type-hunts by clicking it.
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Bill M hat gesagt…

That china cabinet looks like a great item to use to display typewriters. (I mentioned to my wife how hers would be nice for my cameras and typewriters. She thought very sternly otherwise)

Good you find typewriters. I have yet to find any but one old broken plastic housing Sterling (If I remember correctly) in any shops here.

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