Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

VII. Zurich Typehunt.

VII. Zürcher Typehunt - 17. Januar 2012.
-Please excuse the late posting, scheduling didn't work.-

Snowy Bertastrasse - no typewriters at Berta 6.

Citroën-Garage: The Hermes Baby, the longer the more beat-up, moved to the other side of  the aisle - and got a hefty price tag.

The Royal is still there, accompanied by two sewing machines.

The double-glass Royal 10 sits there almost untouched - only the keys were jammed.

The Horde - as soon as I arrived, Antonio approached me to tell me that he had sold the Patria for Fr. 30 - is shrinking. 

The van Miguel asked about  last time is indeed a Peugeot, as I supposed. It is on sale for Fr. 6000.

At Salvation Army, the Olympia and the Lettera 38 C (finally!) were gone - the electronic wedges still there, accompanied by a Triumph Tippa S.

"Leftover" christmas decorations and Prime Tower.
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6 Kommentare:

Scott K hat gesagt…

I still really like the look of that Swissa. Nice machine.

notagain hat gesagt…

Much better pickings than I've had here lately.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

Great update. That's a nice Swissa, too bad we never see one here in the U.S.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

I gotta go with the older models... the Royal 10 is especially attractive to me, because the only models I've seen here are of the newer, single-panel type.

Miguel Chávez hat gesagt…

... Also, I've been researching the van with the information you provided... nice box on wheels, I gotta say! Reminds me of some older designs like the original Volkswagen type 2 van, or a late-1960s Renault Estafette. Not fancy at all, but rugged, reliable, and perfect for a small business.

shordzi hat gesagt…

Hermes Baby and Swissa serial numbers? Looking forward to type-hunt VIII.

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