Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

IX. Zurich Typehunt: Epic!

To mark the first day of ITAM, I visited a new thrift store for the first time: Brocki-Land Zurich. Just like Citroën-Garage, it was initially designed for car parking.

And this place is huge! It's probably as big as Citroën-Garage, but there's one check-out and not many independent sellers - everything is much better organised.

In a separate room, with a sign reading "Lamps", there's shelves full of printers, vacuumers - and electronic typewriters: 

A total of 10 wedges, most of them brother/M-Office.

At Citroën-Garage, the usual Royals have remained where they were last time. I was about to move on when I spotted the portable case lid behind them:

It belongs to a Continental! The portable was in great condition, and I think that Fr. 25 is a bit on the high side, but still okay for such a machine.

The Hermes Baby, with a much less adequate price tag, is still there...
As is the Horde - unchanged.

Also, the two electrics are still there - but their surrounding have been cleaned up.

But the biggest surprise is a diamant in a closed sub-store. I almost walked past it!

And I'm off to Hardbrücke/Salvation Army.

The four wedges have been joined by another electronic.

And, to my greatest surprise, there Triumph still found no buyer. That's odd!

4 Kommentare:

Richard P hat gesagt…

That Continental seems like a bargain to me!

notagain hat gesagt…

nice Continental! I would have taken it had I been with you.

Ton S. hat gesagt…

I echo Richard and Peter, the Continental is a steal!

Bill M hat gesagt…

I I were there that Continental would have been mine! No questions. No hesitation on the cost. That is only about $27.00 here in the USA.

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